VI KAZENERGY Women’s Energy Club Forum

Alexandra Bekisheva, KGNT Chief Executive Officer, participated in the VI KAZENERGY Women’s Energy Club Forum that took place on October 3 as part of the XV KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum in Astana. Participants, speakers and managers at various levels have discussed trending topics and shared their experiences. The main topic of the VI KAZENERGY Women’s Energy Club Forum was the empowerment of women under the EmpowerHER Energy moto.
Starting 2013, the KAZENERGY Women’s Energy Club has been involved in implementing gender policies across the oil and gas and energy industries in Kazakhstan. This is a specialized platform for bringing together women from various industries and companies. KGNT supports the policy of gender equality and today 40.5% of the company’s employees are women. This year, KGNT stepped up as a sponsor of the forum, supporting its significance and goals. 🌟