Day of Land Surveying, Geodesy and Cartography Specialists

On March 11, Kazakhstan celebrates the Day of Land Surveying, Geodesy and Cartography Specialists, to whom we send today our warmest words.
Thanks to your effort, we can use updated topographic maps and geodesic survey outputs, without which engineering and design is impossible.
Thank you for your expertise and invaluable contribution to the development of the Company!

Congratulations from KGNT gentlemen

From year to year, KGNT gentlemen prepare a festive 8 March congratulation to the lovely Company ladies. It starts long before the holiday, so every year KGNT ladies remain incredibly impressed by the men’s creativity!
KGNT ladies started the day with a holiday cheer, gifts and flowers.
Thank you, KGNT gentlemen, for your care and attention to the Company female colleagues!

Workshop: Estimation of construction costs in the Republic of Kazakhstan

KGNT is taking care of the skills level of its employees and ensures they attend workshops and training courses as it drives performance of our projects.
On 21-22 February, Marina Antoshevskaya and Anastassia Soltanayeva completed the workshop – Estimation of construction costs in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2023 subject to amendments in the regulatory documents, and will be able to successfully apply new knowledge in their work.

Compliment Day

On March 1, Kazakhstan celebrates the Compliment Day. Year by year, this holiday acquires more meaning: we express our gratitude to those who care about us, help colleagues, relatives, friends, and complete strangers. Today, KGNT as a token of gratitude, gave souvenirs to all the employees in Almaty office, and presented a new project – Show your appreciation to a colleague or the Company. In a special form, any Company employee and guests can send the words of gratitude to any one in the Company or KGNT itself, and these words will definitely reach the addressee!