Identifying the level of development of abilities for abstract thinking and processing numerical and verbal information for employees of KGNT

KGNT employees are given a unique opportunity to identify their abilities using SHL tests being the leading brand of psychometric tests used by a number of organizations. The business provides services to over 10,000 clients in over 150 countries and has many years of experience.

Ability tests taken by SHL are aimed at assessing a person’s ability for competence that has been identified as essential to success in the workplace.

For competent testing, our employees have recently been trained in psychodiagnostics. The task of psychodiagnostics is to measure individual differences between different people or to measure differences in the reactions of the same person under different conditions.

Presentation of certificates of honor and letters of thanks of KGNT

Today, in KGNT office, certificates of honor and letters of gratitude were presented for Builder Day by the Company and KAZENERGY Association. In addition, pectoral medals were presented by KAZENERGY Association to acknowledge and encourage the employees’ work and professional merits in developing the oil, gas and energy complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
From the bottom of our hearts, our congratulations to all the colleagues who have received the awards. We express our gratitude for your conscientious work and great personal contribution to the development of KGNT!

the Council of Young Specialists

KGNT not only designs and builds, it does not forget about the creative potential present in each person, and especially in most young specialists. It is impossible not to notice them and their more youthful outlook and thinking are the way to even greater achievements of the Company!

We present the oungest, most creative people responsible for all the most interesting things that happen within the walls of the Company – the Council of Young Specialists (CUS). Having formed not so long ago, the team of young specialists are ready to promote the company, popularize more active participation in the company’s events among other employees and are ready to go into battle with the KGNT flag, as well as badges that will distinguish them from the crowd.

The main purpose of the council is to support young professionals in their self-realization, creative and career growth, in mastering corporate ethics, advanced training, etc.

We wish prosperity to everyone who wants to fulfill their creative potential within the walls of the Company, and more inspiration and creative success to the whole CUS team!

A Lean Six Sigma White Belt training course has been successfully completed.

All KGNT employees are continuously trained, refresh and replenish their knowledge. So, quite recently, colleagues were awarded Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certificates from @pwc.

Lean Six Sigma is a management methodology aiming at improving quality, productivity and meeting the customer’s requirements at lower costs and is an essential prerequisite for a company’s digital transformation.

We believe that the knowledge acquired will be useful and successfully put in practice for the Company’s further development.

Results of KGNT Charity Fair for the Children’s Day

By 1 June – Children’s Day – KGNT organized a charity fair to raise funds for a single mother with five children, one of whom is still not diagnosed by doctors. Each employee had a chance to buy sweets for himself and his loved ones, and then all the proceeds were handed over by us personally into the hands of the mother Assemgul Eginbayevna Sultanova (see photo in the carousel).

On behalf of Assemgul and the Company, we express our deep gratitude to you, colleagues, for your integral participation in the fair.

Taking this opportunity, we wish all of you a happy holiday and would like each of us to always try to make the lives of our planet’s little inhabitants better and safer.

KGNT 47th anniversary

Today is a remarkable day for all of us! KGNT is 47!

For 47 years now, being amongst the best professionals in our business, we have all become part of the history of creating a leading international engineering company with its long history, impeccable reputation, friendly atmosphere, established corporate etiquette and well-established principles of working with clients.

KGNT was founded in 1974. By Order of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR, a Special Design Bureau (“SDB”) was created at Kazglavneftesnab. One of the remarable milestones in the successful formation of the SDB was the demonstration of its work results at the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements in 1985.

In 1986, by Decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the SDB was reorganized into SDI KazGiproNefteTrans. In 1995-1996 the institute carried out a significant international project – the first Chevron filling station in Central Asia – Almaty.

In 2001, the Company was reorganized into ENGINEERING COMPANY “KAZGIPRONEFTETRANS” CJSC (KGNT).

Since 2003 the Company has been bearing the current name of ENGINEERING COMPANY “KAZGIPRONEFTETRANS” LLP.

For 47 years, the Company has repeatedly confirmed its status as a leader in the oil and gas industry.

We express our gratitude to each of you, colleagues, for your contribution to the Company’s development, because thanks to you, KGNT is 47!

We sincerely believe that all the efforts will lead to our main mission – combining the technical progress, best world practices and experience of professionals for the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan!