KGNT CEO Alexandra Bekisheva entered the TOP-30 woman leaders in the oil industry

We are pleased to announce news of the day. presented an annual review of the TOP-30 woman leaders in the oil industry of Kazakhstan in 2021. The TOP-30 woman leaders in the oil industry review included women holding leading positions at oil and gas operators, TNCs, education and business.

This year KGNT CEO Alexandra Bekisheva took honorable 23rd place. As you may recall, Aleksandra Bekisheva has repeatedly been in the TOP woman leaders in the oil and gas industry. For example, last year, Alexandra was ranked 32nd in the TOP-50.

On behalf of the whole team, our sincere congratulations Alexandra Maratovna! May the successes shared with #KGNTDREAMTEAM team lead us only forward and rapidly upward. Your personal contribution to the development of the Company, as well as the entire industry, is immeasurable. We are very proud to have a leader in your person.

An international level IOSH certificate for occupational health and safety is obtained.

It’s no secret that our employees’ safety is one of the most key values ​​of our Company. The result of a properly built safety system for our employees is an indicator of man-hours without incidents – 9897593. The Company invests much effort to maximally protect everyone from incidents both at locations and in the offices of the Company.

Recently, as part of training in accordance with the international IOSH standard, HSE Manager Victoria Kisseleva was trained and successfully confirmed her knowledge by receiving an international certificate.

The main goal of the course is “to ensure that the safety requirements are met by the professionals hired as managers and to allow them to review their safety systems, introduce new controls or apply changes whenever possible to make the workplace safer”.

Remember colleagues, safety begins with everyone!

The KGNT internal table tennis tournament has come to an end.

The KGNT internal table tennis tournament has come to an end. 9 employees took part in the competition. As a result of the competition  the prizes were taken by:

  1. Denis Vladimirovich Shulyatiev – Lead Accountant
  2. Konstantin Viktorovich Dotsok – Architect
  3. Sattar Mukhtarovich Izglikov – Chief Specialist for Pipelines

All winners were awarded certificates, as well as letters of recognition of Categories 1, 2 and 3. There is no doubt the KGNT employees are the physically fittest

Day of the librarian of KGNT 2021

The technical library of KGNT has a 47-year history, was created by enthusiasts. Today it contains 4000 books and is an integral and important part of the Information Center.

Did you know that on 15 October, employees of Kazakhstan’s Library system celebrate their professional holiday – Librarian Day. In this regard, the KGNT library has organized the Doors Open Day today. Almost every small department visited our library today and learned even more about it. In addition to useful information, the colleagues received small treats, which is doubly pleasant.

Congratulating the specialists of KGNT Information Center, we would like to express our deep gratitude for the organization of the mini-event and we wish further prosperity to our literary treasure of KGNT.

Colleagues, we remind you that you can always donate any books for the benefit of developing our information resources.

Awarding the 10th anniversary Almaty marathon participants

Greet our runner heroes who once again defended the honor of KGNT at the 10th anniversary Almaty Marathon 2021. It is thanks to them that our Company took the 9th place, thereby breaking its own record – at the moment this is our best result for a 42.2km distance.

This morning, all the race participants were awarded letters of gratitude and small gifts by our CEO.

Let us also, on behalf of the Company, thank each of you for your contribution to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among employees!

10th anniversary Almaty marathon

On an ongoing basis, KGNT team takes part in the annual Almaty Marathon. This year the participants in Ekiden (422 km) were:

  1. Aidos Baurzhanuly Mukashev – 5 km
  2. Yevgeniy Viktorovich Ivanov – 10 km
  3. Konstantin Viktorovich Dotsok – 5 km
  4. Ilyas Amangeldiyevich Urazakov – 10 km
  5. Nurlan Dauletovich Turabekov – 5 km
  6. Kulmukhammed Kudaibergenuly Assanbai – 7.2 km

Our employees decided to support our heroes at the 10th anniversary marathon by joining it as fans. We thank all the runners and participants in the event that has already become a tradition for the positive emotions received and, most importantly, for promoting the idea of ​​an active and healthy lifestyle.

Ernst and Young Training Certificates

Continuous training is a guarantee of works completed with high quality. It’s nice when our colleagues fully support the company’s initiative to increase and refresh their knowledge all the time. It is doubly pleasant that our partners represented by Earns and Young are able to provide high-quality training material.

Our colleagues including the CEO just recently have received certificates of participation in an online seminar on “Introduction to the Fundamentals of Labor Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Development of negotiation and consensus-building skills in labor disputes. All about the Grievance Committee”. We wish you good luck in using the new knowledge in practice!


The activities of our employees are closely related to safety. For this very reason we have developed a number of procedures to keep everyone safe both at our production facilities and in our offices. One of the measures of such procedures is the STOP CARD. STOP CARD is every employee’s authority to stop work aimed at preventing unsafe conditions and preventing unsafe actions before an incident occurs.

As KGNT or contractor employee you are RESPONSIBLE and AUTHORIZED to suspend or stop work at any time if you believe it is not being performed safely or not in accordance with the behavior based safety culture.

Remember, safety starts with everyone!

KGNT Table Tennis Team

Each employee in KGNT may find his or her soul mate when it comes to a favorite hobby! Sports is one of our colleagues’ leading favorite hobbies. Our Company supports each employee and shares their desire to demonstrate themselves in many sports events to support the Company’s spirit and a healthy lifestyle.  KGNT gym is equipped to suit all sports enthusiasts’ needs. Table tennis is no exception.

Here is our KGNT table tennis team.  The team has been around for more than 5 years now and won many awards and winning places for taking part in various sports contests.  One upcoming internal table tennis contest is scheduled for 4 October. May all participants have luck and more sports achievements!