5С Winners

At the end of July, we are pleased to announce the winners in two categories:

🎉Alisher Tatygulov in the nomination – The best workplace managed as per 5C system, and

🎉Plot Plan and Transport Department in the nomination – The best workspace managed as per 5C system.

Congratulations to the winners and appreciation to the employees for supporting 5C system and participating in creating a better working environment at KGNT!

Gas boiler house with utilities infrastructure in the Korgalzhyn highway area.

Congratulations to our colleagues on the successful completion of the project “Gas boiler house with utilities infrastructure in the Korgalzhyn highway area”! This project was implemented due to the dynamic development of Astana city and the requirement for new heating sources for residential areas. Given the environmental moratorium on solid fuel boilers and the completion of the Saryarka trunk pipeline in 2019, a decision was made to construct a gas-fired boiler house. This project will ensure gasification of the capital city. Congratulations to our team on the successful completion of this important project! #project #gasboilerhouse #development

Implementing Kaizen in the company’s processes

We are continuing to implement Kaizen into the company’s processes.

5S is a system of organizing and rationalizing the workplace (workspace), one of the lean production tools.

Seiri (整理) – “Sorting” (necessary/unnecessary), a strict separation of things into necessary and unnecessary ones and getting rid of the latter;

Seiton (整頓) “Set in order” (neatness), an orderly and precise arrangement and storage of necessary things that makes it quick and easy to find and use them;

Seiso (清掃) “Shine” (cleaning), maintaining the workplace clean and tidy;

Seiketsu (清潔) “Standardize” (setting standards and rules), a prerequisite for the first three rules;

Shitsuke (躾) “Sustain” (literal translation: nurture), self-discipline, cultivating a habit of precisely following established rules, procedures, and technological operations.

Congratulations to our winners at the end of June:

Control Systems Department in the nomination of “Best Workspace Organized according to 5S.1S System”.

Thanks to our coworkers for their support of 5S System at KGNT

“Kaizen Office”

Our team has successfully completed the Kaizen Office training. We have once again seen the importance of the information being properly exchanged for successful interaction and cooperation in practice. We thank @kaizencenter.kz for the outstanding knowledge and experience that our colleagues already apply in the company.

Integration of ESG principles in the Company activities

Today, when our Company has got advanced technologies and invaluable knowledge and experience, we integrate ESG principles in all aspects of our activities and continuously improve them. We recognize the importance of sustainability and are committed to reducing the environmental footprint, strengthening social and community commitments, and improving effectiveness of our corporate governance. This is why we chose eco-bags as gifts for our employees as they are attractive for being a smart alternative to plastic bags. The global ecological situation is quite challenging nowadays, and therefore environmental protection has become a mission not just for the relevant services, but for every human.

Let’s save the planet together 🍀

Project Management in KGNT

This year, the International Project Management Association (IPMA) launched a research project Promoting a Project-Oriented Society, the purpose of which is to identify the influence of professional organizations on the project orientation of people based on case studies in five countries where project management is well advanced nowadays – Germany, China, Kazakhstan, Croatia, and Peru.

Dr. Reinhard Wagner, the Head of this project, Maira Khusainova, Director of the Kazakhstan Project Management Association, and Rakhmatullo Saidullayev, Head of KAUP certification center, visited KGNT on July 31 as part of Dr. Reinhard Wagner’s trip to Kazakhstan. KGNT management and Project Management Office staff shared their experience in project management. In 2019, KGNT was one of the few companies in the world that confirmed compliance with the high IV competence class, and in the near future plans to complete recertification to confirm it has standards, structures and processes for projects, programs and portfolios management that are applied throughout the Company and controlled by KGNT management.