Technical supervision is an integral part of measures to control the construction at all stages. One of the most sought-after services in the construction industry is precisely technical supervision. The difference between technical and designer supervision is that it is carried out in the interests of the Construction Customer in order to ensure construction quality control

Technical supervision is carried out by the customer independently and (or) with the assistance of experts who have the appropriate certificate for the right to provide engineering services in the field of architectural, urban planning and construction activities, at the expense of the funds provided for in the design and estimate documentation for the construction of facilities in accordance with applicable standards.

Technical supervision is a set of expert verification activities, with the help of which the following is ensured:

  • Proper quality and scope of construction work and their compliance with building codes;
  • Compliance with the deadlines for the construction of civil and industrial facilities;
  • Compliance with the project estimate: the use of building materials specified in the construction project in accordance with established price guidelines.

In their activities, technical supervision experts are guided by the state/interstate regulatory documents in the field of construction, such as the laws of architecture, urban planning and construction activities, technical regulations, state standards and construction regulations, as well as regulatory documents on fire, sanitary and epidemiological, environmental safety of facilities.

The technical supervision expert exercises control over:

Технический надзор
  • compliance with construction technologies;
  • compliance of construction works with the work schedule
  • notification of emergency conditions at the facility of regulatory authorities and the execution of the instructions issued by them
  • applicability and safety of building materials and equipment
  • design and executive technical documentation
  • elimination by the contractor (general contractor) of violations of state (interstate) standards committed by him during construction, deviations from design decisions provided for by the approved project, and (or) requirements of organizational and technological documents with the right to suspend construction and installation works to fulfill instructions on time.

Upon completion of the work, the technical supervision expert together with the contractor are responsible for the compliance of the finished object with the construction legislation, design and regulatory documentation.

The functions of a technical supervision expert are to comply with the deadlines for the work, reduce costs, comply with the quality of work and the materials used, and control the correctness of the construction documentation.

Upon completion of the construction project, persons carrying out technical supervision shall issue to the customer (property developer) an opinion on the quality of construction and installation works.