Our mission is to combine technological advancement, best worldwide practices and professional experience for development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Continuously improving our experience gained, we maintain traditions and use state-of-the-art technologies and international partnerships, through professional mentoring and talent sourcing, we build teams to deliver projects of any complexity and expand our geographic reach.


  • Ensure unconditional commitment to safety;
  • Establish strong relations with partners and clients increasing company’s profitability;
  • Apply innovative solution methods in the provision of services;
  • Deliver projects through integration of international technologies and best practices for local projects execution;
  • Reduce negative environmental impacts;
  • Improve qualification skills and welfare of our employees.



  • Safety

We are committed to safe work culture by focusing on all areas of each employee’s life and information security support.

  • Business Ethics

By adhering to the business ethics principles, we establish behavior pattern of each employee that facilitates the untarnished reputation and effective interaction with stakeholders.

  • Quality

Striving to exceed clients’ expectations, we ensure overall quality management and continuous improvement of processes.

  • Caring

We care for and value every employee creating the most favorable conditions to fulfill potential and talent of each of us.

  • Inclusiveness

We all are unique, and our comprehensive association allows to establish the most effective teams capable of meeting all the present challenges.

  • Sustainable Development

We adhere to the principles for responsibility to the future generation and on the way to success we never forget about requirements and needs of our community by minimizing negative environmental impact.

 Commitment to Pledge

We understand and accept obligations to our employees, clients, community by making the most efficient decisions considering the stakeholders’ requirements.

  • Loyalty

We highly appreciate loyalty of our employees, partners, clients and expect trustworthy attitude from all the stakeholders.

  • Innovations

We encourage innovations, and this helps us offer the best solutions for the most efficient use of resources.


Areas for implementation of the Quality, Environmental, Occupational Safety and Labor Protection Policy

  1. Leadership among design and engineering companies in Kazakhstan for industrial and civil construction engineering;
  2. Consistent quality improvement of the delivered services by continuous quality monitoring including occurrence of claims from clients and state expertise;
  3. Improvement of internal corporate procedures, corporate spirit (ideas, values, motives, aspirations, expectations), including tasks and functions to be implemented within the organization, encouraging mentoring and coaching process;
  4. Search, testing and incorporation of the advanced technical and software-based engineering solutions;
  5. Ensure maximum automation of management processes to reduce the Company’s expenses;
  6. Ensure safe work conditions for personnel and minimize environmental impact in compliance with the Company’s activity type and scope;
  7. Development and implementation of measures to mitigate accident, incident and injury hazards and risks, timely control and elimination of potential causes;
  8. Ensure compliance with the RoK statutes and regulations related to the Company’s activities, internal documents on environmental, occupational safety and health protection, including requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 standards.

Based on the above, the Company’s Management enters into the following commitments:

  • Support, regularly review and continuously improve the Company’s Integrated Management System;
  • Ensure implementation of the best worldwide engineering solutions impacting environmental situation, occupational safety and labor protection at the facilities to be designed;
  • Communicate to personnel and implement all statutory and other regulatory requirements to products and production processes, including client’s requirements;
  • Support, regularly review and communicate the quality, environmental, occupational safety and labor protection policy and objectives to all personnel;
  • Provide required resources for processes;
  • Train personnel and improve their qualifications in terms of the quality, environmental, occupational safety and labor protection.