Our mission is to combine technological advancement, best worldwide practices and professional experience for development of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

To achieve this mission, in 2006 the Company developed and implemented an integrated management system. This system is successfully maintained in operating condition and complies with International Standard ISO 9001 “Quality Management System. Requirements”.

Compliance of the implemented management system has been confirmed by a French international certification agency Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS – UK Branch, and issued the Company internationally recognized UKAS Certificate of Compliance ISO 9001:2015 №KZ228477Q-U –. At the same time, management systems based on National Standards have been implemented: ST RK ISO 9001:2009, ST RK ISO 14001:20016, ST RK OHSAS 18001:2008.

Engineering services and design and survey works for oil and gas projects dealing with oil and gas production, treatment, storage, transportation, distribution, refining, and petrochemicals, including:


Developing and obtaining approvals for regulatory documents and standards;

Adapting pre-design and design documentation to oil and gas projects developed in accordance with international standards to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Integrated Management System is a modern, highly efficient quality management system, a combination of several enterprise management systems aimed at both elimination of discrepancies and duplication. Application of the integrated management system ensures that the Company’s organizational, business and technical activities are managed in a quality manner, and that the customer’s requirements and expectations are fully met. The Company also uses a process-based management approach. Responsibilities, interface with other processes, target indicators, procedures for monitoring and analysis of processes have been defined. Analysis data of identified processes are used to optimize processes, achieve planned outcomes and ongoing improvement.



We strive to provide the best support and service possible on both Kazakhstani and international markets, ensuring high quality of the products and services provided.


We value each customer;
We fulfill our obligations;
We constantly improve our product quality;
Competence of our personnel is our special resource of competitiveness;
Constant personal development is key to the Company’s new achievements.


We aim to achieve the best time/cost/performance ratio, which eventually lead to quality of services provided in planning and controlling the entire lifecycle of a project and stages of engineering works involved.