Project Management in KGNT

This year, the International Project Management Association (IPMA) launched a research project Promoting a Project-Oriented Society, the purpose of which is to identify the influence of professional organizations on the project orientation of people based on case studies in five countries where project management is well advanced nowadays – Germany, China, Kazakhstan, Croatia, and Peru.

Dr. Reinhard Wagner, the Head of this project, Maira Khusainova, Director of the Kazakhstan Project Management Association, and Rakhmatullo Saidullayev, Head of KAUP certification center, visited KGNT on July 31 as part of Dr. Reinhard Wagner’s trip to Kazakhstan. KGNT management and Project Management Office staff shared their experience in project management. In 2019, KGNT was one of the few companies in the world that confirmed compliance with the high IV competence class, and in the near future plans to complete recertification to confirm it has standards, structures and processes for projects, programs and portfolios management that are applied throughout the Company and controlled by KGNT management.

Lean logistics management

Our future Kaizen mentors have successfully completed the Lean Logistics Management training. This module provides valuable knowledge and skills to optimize logistics processes, eliminate waste and improve the efficiency. Our employees are ready to apply new knowledge and continuously improve Company processes.


Training on 3D modeling and new design technology, including the Revit software package, for KGNT employees has been completed.

Revit is based on Building Information Modeling (BIM) principle and provides for 3D modeling, custom object creation, and design multi-user processing. With using BIM technologies, the time required for producing design deliverables can be reduced by up to 40% and the number of errors cut by up to 80%. It also improves coordination during construction by allowing models to be viewed via AR.

We are committed to continuously improving the quality of our services and are proud of our employees who constantly strive for development.

Capital Day

KGNT wishes everyone a heartfelt congratulations on this joyous holiday, the Capital Day!

We stand united in our commitment to develop Astana! Our country has an array of new victories and accomplishments awaiting us, which we will attain through collective endeavors. On this day, we extend our heartfelt wishes for the well-being of all Kazakhstanis, a prosperous future, and a peaceful sky above our heads!

Architect’s Day

KGNT congratulates on the Architect’s Day! Let beautiful architectural structures delight our eyes for more than one century! We thank every architect for designing those buildings that have already been created or will be created! Wish you all a lot of inspiration, interesting ideas and bringing them to life, brilliant success and satisfaction from work!

5С Winners

We are proud of our employees who actively support the 5C system at their workplaces! In April, we are happy to announce that Anel Aipova became the winner with her Best 5C.1C Compliant Workplace, and HVAC Department won the nomination The Best 5C.1C Compliant Workspace. We congratulate the winners and express our appreciation to all our employees for supporting the 5C system and participating in creating a better working environment at KGNT!

Basics of Lean Technologies

Our employees have been trained in the Basics of Lean Technologies. At KGNT, we are committed to continuous improvement and have been incorporating Kaizen into our procedures and work processes for a number of years. We are proud of our employees, who constantly develop their professionalism and contribute to the company’s development

French-Kazakhstan forum

On 7 June, KGNT CEO Alexandra Bekisheva took part in the first French-Kazakhstan Decarbonization Forum organized by the French-Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Astana. KGNT is committed to empowering sustainable development goals (ESG) and understands that decarbonization and the adoption of low-carbon technologies are inevitable processes in light of climate change on the planet. We are ready for systemic actions that will help address climate change, taking all risks into account. The event was dedicated to strengthening the countries’ bilateral cooperation in the energy transition and brought together government and intergovernmental organizations, business leaders, scientists and other key participants.

WIKA Conference

At the WIKA 2023 Partner Conference, Saken Mukhamedyarov, KGNT Logistics and Supply Department, had the opportunity to learn about new achievements in measuring technology and participate in the presentation of WIKA products and solutions for the industrial sector, and took part in networking. We are proud of our employees who constantly develop their qualifications and discover new opportunities.

Leadership Talks

On June 6, Bolashaq Petroleum Club in Astana hosted Leadership Talks with Adam Charles Lowmass, KPO Deputy General Director, who shared his international work experience and discussed the importance of leadership. Alexandra Bekisheva, KGNT Chief Executive Officer, joined the event together with other oil and gas business executives in Kazakhstan.

KGNT Legends

There are living legends in our KGNT team who have been working with us for over 20 years! Not only they are the experienced professionals, but also true guardians of our unique culture, traditions and values. Our success would not have been possible without them. Tell us in the comments, how many years have you been with KGNT?

Environmental Professionals Day

The entire KGNT team congratulates environmental specialists on their professional holiday! Thank you for the incredible amount of effort and energy you put into saving our planet. We wish you inexhaustible enthusiasm and creativity in your work!
For many years, KGNT has been supporting the culture of separate waste collection, minimizing the negative impact on the environment and taking care of the environment in designing and delivering of its projects. This is a good example of how environmental solutions can be implemented in everyday life and business. Let’s all work together to save our planet for future generations!
Happy Environmental Professionals Day!