Happy Abay day!

Today we are celebrating the 177th anniversary of Great Educator Abai Kunanbaev being the founder of written Kazakh literature.

Expressing our deep respect to the writer and his works, we have started a flash mob where everyone could record part of the verse “Kulaktan kirip, boydy alar”. Happy Abay Kunanbaev’s Day, colleagues!

We thank our employees for taking part.


Career growth is an important process of a person’s self-actualization in professional activities leading to a new professional status at a company, which entails changes in job responsibilities.

The column #Career in KGNT continues. Today’s heroine of our video is Violetta Tya – Head of Bid & Proposals Department. #KGNTDREAMTEAM

KGNT sports contest

An active lifestyle is an integral part of physical health and psychological well-being. Therefore, KGNT encourages its employees to go in for sports and active recreation and also supports corporate sports events at various levels.

On 29 July, KGNT held another sports contest among employees in the gym of the company’s head office. A sports contest in several athletic disciplines has been very popular among our colleagues for several years now, and this year is no exception. 15 co-workers took part this year. And our colleagues came to cheer them up.

According to the results of the KGNT 2022 Sports Contest the winners among men were

1. Albert Teterin and Yevgeny Ivanov

2. Yevgeny Uvarov

3. Saken Mukhamedyarov

The prize winners among the girls were

1. Ainur Balkibekova

2. Yuliya Erbatyrova

3. Ainash Sadykova

The winners were awarded certificates of commendation as well as gym memberships and gift certificates to a sports store.

The other participants of the sports event were also awarded letters of gratitude for actively promoting the idea of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the team spirit of our employees.

KGNT’s Color Friday

“Color Friday” of KGNT is a Friday when each employee can try on clothes of any proposed color or print. Today’s Color Friday went as a “STRIP” print. Everyone’s task was to put on any item of clothing with a print in stripes, which everyone completed with a bang!. Thank each of you who supported this campaign. What print will we choose for the next “Color Friday”? Any idea? Share your opion in comments


KGNT cooperates closely with many universities and is always looking for the promising young professionals. Last Friday, master’s degree diploma award ceremony to oil and gas graduates took place in Kazakhstan British Technical University, where our CEO Alexandra Bekisheva was invited as an honored guest. We were very pleased to see our employees Aigerim Akbolatova and Perizat Komekbaeva among the graduates of the master’s program. KGNT team is very happy and proud of them, and sincerely hopes that the acquired knowledge will benefit the Company’s mission.

First aid training

Safety of the employees is one of the fundamental values in KGNT. It is very important for us to ensure safety and comfort for all our people, because we know that no one is immune to accidents. That is why we conduct regular first aid trainings. In case of an emergency, our trained colleagues are ready to render first aid to the affected person. In the head office, responsible employees on every floor will always help those who need it – you can see their photos on posters.

Take care of yourself and never forget: safe behavior in the office begins with every one of us.

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On July 17, Almaty race – Summer Run was held in Almaty, in which our employees ran 12 km. More than a thousand sport fans raced this distance in the warm evening city, charged with positive vibes and strengthened their health. KGNT runners joined this event as they support active and healthy lifestyle day by day. All participants who reached the finish line received a commemorative medal! #KGNTDREAMTEAM


Our column #БудущееПоколениеКГНТ continues. We continue to share good news about the achievements of the children of our employees.

Dina Amankeldikyzy Omirzak, a daughter of our employee Amankeldi Omirzakuly Amanzhol, Civil Supervisor for Piping at the Tengiz location, was awarded with the gold medal – Altyn Belgi – upon graduation from school. Congratulations! Previously, Dina was noted in Leader of the 21st Century – a book about the 100 best students of Kazakhstan. The future of any country is determined by the younger generation. We wish you prosperity and success in your endeavors!

Tag us and put the hashtag #БудущееПоколение КГНТ, once a month we share the achievements of our children on our page. Our children are part of the future of KGNT

National Dombra Day. Results

As you know, the first Sunday of July in Kazakhstan is the National Day of Dombra – a musical instrument which became the symbol of spirit, nature and history of the Kazakh ethnos.

Shortly before this wonderful holiday, a dombra competition was held in KGNT, to support Kazakh art among the Company employees and their kids: everyone was welcome to share their dombra performances.

We are happy to show you videos of our participants and sum up the online voting:

1st place, Abeldinova Jazira

2nd place, Ataniyaz Tairov

3rd place, Musabek Arlan

All participants received letters of appreciation.

We thank everyone for participating in this event and wish to continue sharing wonderful dombra sounds in different cities in Kazakhstan.

KGNT representatives attended a presentation of new equipment technologies organized by Schneider Electric.

KGNT representatives attended a presentation of new equipment technologies organized by Schneider Electric, where our employees became acquainted with the Company’s innovative products. In addition to practical tasks performed during the training, our team spent time in an interesting and informative way. Over the years, Schneider Electric has proven itself to be a worthy supplier of high-quality equipment. We thank our partners for the opportunity to participate in the training event.

Yoga at the KGNT head office

Did you know that 21 June is World Yoga Day? And that yoga classes are held in the gym of KGNT Head Office?

Every employee in the office will find something to do in free time. In addition to active sports such as football, tennis, running and athletics, yoga classes are quite popular among colleagues and conducted by an invited professional trainer. The classes are held on an ongoing basis in the office gym. It is worth noting that all the participants speak very highly of the yoga classes and claim that this contributes not only to relaxing, but also to continuing their working day in a productive way and encourage their colleagues to join!

And we remind you that if you are willing to sign up for the classes, please contact the Company’s HR Department.