Travel blog of Kenes Reimov

Hobbies of our employees have no limits! Today we will tell you about Kenes Reimov, who launched a travel blog on YouTube – Kenes Reiim. In his blog, you will find interesting videos in which Kenes shows and talks about the most beautiful sights of Kazakhstan. According to Kenes, the purpose of his blog is to contribute to the development of tourism in Kazakhstan, so that more and more people could see the beauties of our country!

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Today we are sharing great news and achievements of children of our employees in #FutureKGNTGeneration section. Tamara Belenkaya, Alexandra Bekisheva’s daughter, and her dance partner Daniil Kuznetsov represented Kazakhstan at World Sport Dance Championship in Portugal, and won the bronze medal on behalf of our country! The Championship took place on November 12 and gathered participants from 30 countries. Our guys made a great breakthrough and became the third best among the dance duets all over the world!  This is the best result of Kazakhstan so far in Juniors category. Congratulations to Tamara and Daniil from the entire KGNT team!

The Company is always happy to know about achievements and wins of the employees and their children. You can share with us stories about your kids, and we’ll definitely post them under #FutureKGNTGeneration.

World Quality Day

Quality is one of KGNT fundamental values.

This year, World Quality Day falls on November 10, and KGNT conducted a quiz for the employees of the Head Office to test their knowledge in the field of quality.

35 people took part in the Quiz, and Anna Smirnova, Head of Translations, showed the best result with a score of 17 correct answers out of 18 questions.

We thank all colleagues for participation and the winner for the excellent knowledge of the Quality Management System!


KGNT article in the journal “Safety in Industry”

KGNT keeps exchanging experience with foreign customers and partners, passing on the best world practices.

At the request of the editorial committee of “Safety in Industry” magazine, the Management of KGNT as one of the leaders in implementing international projects has written an article entitled “Participation of Kazakhstani companies in international projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, which outlines the main aspects and features of designing large investment projects in Kazakhstan taking into account world practice and world standards for adaptation in our Republic.

Each of us can read the new article in the new quarterly, general, mass, scientific-and-production magazine. We thank the editors of the magazine for their support and assistance.

Happy International Project Management Day

Тoday is the International Project Management Day, and we say our sincere congratulations to one of the largest and most important departments of our Company – Project Management Team! We wish our PMT successful implementation of professional and personal projects, continuous improvement, new targets and creative ideas. Happy International Project Management Day, dear colleagues!

Referral program KGNT

Do you know that KGNT has their own Referral Program? Meanwhile, first participants have already received their reward! One of the first awardees is Natalia Volokitina, who will tell you more about this program in today’s interview.

PLEASE NOTE: all KGNT employees can participate in the Referral Program, but award is applicable only to vacancies in Almaty head office.

Mr. Gennadiy Tarassov, KGNT Managing Director for Innovations and Marketing presented Automatic CryoEnergyStation – Green Energy Future

On October 20, the annual Downstream Central Asia and Caspian Conference took place in Tashkent, where Mr. Gennadiy Tarassov, KGNT Managing Director for Innovations and Marketing presented Automatic CryoEnergyStation – Green Energy Future. DCACC is the only regional event dedicated entirely to refining and petrochemical industries in Central Asia.

Our team is very happy to share its expertise at major international conferences on behalf of KGNT’s best professionals!

Happy birthday Kaizen Center

On behalf of KGNT, we sincerely congratulate the best team of Kaizen Center on their 5th anniversary!

Throughout the year, KGNT has been actively developing and moving towards the chosen direction, and undoubtedly marked year 2022 as the year of Kaizen in KGNT! This is a significant year for us. We’ve got all prerequisites for the successful implementation of the completed training modules in practice. The structured learning process and the experience of effective implementation of Kaizen in other companies contribute to KGNT development and fill the Company life with forward and upward movement.

We wish Kaizen Center team to firmly and confidently hold the flagship position in their sphere, efficient work and good health, happiness and family well-being!

Happy birthday, Kaizen Center!


Today our #CareerinKGNT is greeting our master, who has worked in the Company for over 42 years –Tarasov Gennady Alexandrovich, Managing Director for Innovation and Marketing.

Over these years, Gennady Aleksandrovich brought up and passed on knowledge and vast experience to dozens of our specialists. He made a significant contribution to the development of design, construction and engineering in Kazakhstan through active participation in industrial and civil construction projects.

On 20 October 2022, Mr. Tarasov will make a presentation at the 9th annual conference – DOWNSTREAM CENTRAL ASIA AND CASPIAN.