KGNT Values Ambassador Contest

From 9 October to 19 November, 2020, the Company held a KGNT Values Ambassador Contest, in which not only the employees of the Head Office, but also those located at other locations took part. To participate in the contest, the employees had to write or take a video on how the Company’s values help in work and personal life. At the end of the Contest, the Winner Selection Committee whose members were KGNT CEO Alexandra Bekisheva, Deputy General Director for Engineering Rustem Zhanzakov, Deputy General Director for Finance and Administration Ekaterina Yugai, Acting Director for Economics and Business Development Aydos Demisin, Chief Accountant Tatiana Tsoi and Managing Director for Innovation and Marketing Gennady Tarasov, selected five favorites by voting. Each of which became the honoured KGNT Values Ambassador.  According to fair voting results, by a unanimous decision, Ryskhan Zhumagulov won the main prize – an annual World Class Almaty pass.

Esmira Idoyadova took second place by vote counting. Shakhrina Makhametova took third place. Almira Sapargaliyeva and Nargiza Dosimbayeva became forth and fifth KGNT Values Ambassadors respectively.  All the works of the KGNT Values Ambassadors can be viewed on our corporate Instagram page.

After selecting the Winners, KGNT CEO Alexandra Bekisheva congratulated the KGNT Values Ambassadors in person and presented prizes to them.

We sincerely congratulate the KGNT Values Ambassadors and would like for them to inspire people with the Company Values. KGNT Values are what we believe in. It is a beacon and a compass in our everyday navigation.