Jetisy-Invest- 2019

Our colleague Yevgeniy Shatov visited Jetisy-Invest-2019, International Investments Forum which was held in Taldyqorgan on October 4, 2019 supported by The Government of Almaty region.

7 countries were represented by 500 delegates. The main purpose of this Forum was to introduce the investment potential of the region and to attract new sources of development.

Within the frame of the event, the participants were put wise about the main tendencies of investment and beneficial co-operation within various spheres of economic activity.

Russia Technology Conference

Our friends from Honeywell deployed the broad-scale Russia Technology Conference in Moscow region. The event took 4 days and was dedicated to digital transformations within the various productions.

Our colleagues Tolegen Issanov and Khamza Rakhimzhanov have attended on presentations and speaking sessions of relevant Honeywell divisions and also examined models, test cases and prototypes of power automation products.


Eurasian Cable Plant

PowerExpo – the large-scale event for electrical and power industries was held in Almaty this year.

As part of this event, the teams of the Electrical Engineering department and the Process Control department were invited to visit the cable production plant located in the Industrial Zone of Almaty.

Four of our colleagues visited the plant, where they had a tour of all technological stages of production. The whole range of products were demonstrated in the exposition module. Variability of the design of cable production depends on the conditions for the cables deployment and operating regimes.

Project Management Training and IPMA Certification.

This year will grant a very important challenge to our Company– KGNT is going to pass the International Project Management Association Certification IPMA Level 4 Eight of KGNT team members have successfully passed the training and certification and joined the existing team of project management professionals who gladly share their attainments within «Share Knowledge» sessions. The certification of such level is the important step for Company development, is the sure move into the future and significant growth of KGNT’s prestige on services market.


Green Technologies

On November 14, Yevgeniy Shatov took part in the First International Conference of Green
Technologies. The conference was held in Nur-Sultan on the basis of the International Center for
Green Technologies and Innovation Projects. The conference was attended by over 150 people,
including 15 specialists from 10 countries, including the countries of EU and the USA. During the Conference, speeches and presentations of participants have identified the problems of green technologies implementation both in various countries of the world, and, in particular, in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The working sessions and the Round Table discussed in details all the issues of development and implementation of the new Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, created taking into account the recommendations of Global and European experience.