KGNT has extensive experience in performing work by laser scanning and 3D modeling in these areas of application.

Laser Scan Benefits:

  1. Cost

The cost of shooting and modeling objects is lower than using traditional technologies by about 3 times.

  1. Speed of work

The combined speed of shooting and processing data obtained by laser scanning is several times faster than conventional geodesy and aerial photography.

  1. Accuracy

The accuracy of laser scanning is comparable to the accuracy of ground surveying and much higher than the accuracy of aerial photography. In forested areas, laser scanning has no alternative at all.

  1. Unique properties

Laser scanning allows you to scan in 3D wires and small hanging structures (insulators, trusses), completely inaccessible to traditional methods.

  1. Flexibility

Vegetation, haze and nighttime do not interfere with work.

The complexity of the terrain does not matter

  1. Versatility

Laser scanning can be performed from air, car, train, boat, all-terrain vehicle, on foot brigade.

Creation of a 3D model by reverse engineering based on the results of 3D scanning