It is possible to analyze complex engineering systems in a project or show the interior design of a future office using virtual reality technology (VR). In two-clicks, the prospect of using VR is becoming more real in the architectural and construction environment. Creating the illusion of being inside the project, VR takes you to a world that is fully generated by a computer program.


Architects, developers, and designers created the information model of the object – the BIM model, and the client, using a special headset or just a mobile phone, can walk inside the object that has not yet been built. This allows you to move around and even interact with the building before construction begins. The KGNT team is confident that such feedback speeds up and optimizes the work, allows you to make more informed design decisions at the earliest stages. VR technology is especially relevant for EPC companies. It is difficult to justify proposals for complex engineering systems with only paper on hand. It is much easier to explain a technical solution on a 3D model, especially if the demonstration is with the effect of immersion, VR greatly facilitates the assimilation of information. It is much easier to refer to the 3D model for which all the drawings are made. If it is correct, then all documents on it are correct. Working with such a model on a regular monitor is not effective. Virtual reality allows you to load several participants into the model.

The potential for using virtual reality TECHNOLOGIES in industrial production is huge:

  • training and simulators;
  • virtual meetings;
  • interactive design;
  • diagnostics, maintenance and repair of equipment;
  • machine sensors to help the human organs of vision;
  • joint acceptance of 3D models of objects;
  • remote control of the progress of construction.