KGNT Almaty Head Office arranged a headquarters for the assembly of face shields

17.06.2020 In view of the circumstances, ENGINEERING COMPANY KAZGIPRONEFTETRANS LLP, taking responsibility for the local community, decided to support the organizations providing continuous work with the public involved in ensuring municipal maintenance, as well as to medical organizations that is those most exposed to the risk of infection. To accomplish this task, a headquarters for the assembly of face shields was organized at the Print Center of the Head Office in Almaty.

Face shields are an additional individual respiratory and vision protection tool, additive to the mask, which has gained relevance during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Both KGNT employees and senior management took part in the assembly of face shields. The assembly was carried out in accordance with the approved drawings and instructions in compliance with all safety precautions and occupational safety standards. The total number of face shields assembled by KGNT employees is more than several thousand pieces. Materials safe for health and having all the required quality certificates were used as consumables.