Implementing Kaizen in the company’s processes

We are continuing to implement Kaizen into the company’s processes.

5S is a system of organizing and rationalizing the workplace (workspace), one of the lean production tools.

Seiri (整理) – “Sorting” (necessary/unnecessary), a strict separation of things into necessary and unnecessary ones and getting rid of the latter;

Seiton (整頓) “Set in order” (neatness), an orderly and precise arrangement and storage of necessary things that makes it quick and easy to find and use them;

Seiso (清掃) “Shine” (cleaning), maintaining the workplace clean and tidy;

Seiketsu (清潔) “Standardize” (setting standards and rules), a prerequisite for the first three rules;

Shitsuke (躾) “Sustain” (literal translation: nurture), self-discipline, cultivating a habit of precisely following established rules, procedures, and technological operations.

Congratulations to our winners at the end of June:

Control Systems Department in the nomination of “Best Workspace Organized according to 5S.1S System”.

Thanks to our coworkers for their support of 5S System at KGNT