Designer supervision is a type of control of the construction process carried out in order to ensure compliance of technical, process, architectural and structural and other design solutions and technical and economic indicators of commissioned structures with the design solutions and performance indicators provided for in the approved design and estimate documentation.

Over the entire construction period, the construction of new facilities, as well as the reconstruction, restoration, expansion, technical re-equipment, modernization, overhaul and strengthening of buildings and structures that are ready for commissioning or already in operation, or conservation of construction of unfinished facilities, are mandatory subject to designer supervision.

Designer supervision is carried out by the developers of project documentation (DED) at all construction sites at the expense of the funds provided for in the design and estimate documentation for the construction of facilities in accordance with applicable standards.


An organization that is not a developer of design and estimate documentation can be involved in the implementation of designer supervision, provided that it has an expert certified to carry out engineering services in the field of architectural, urban planning and construction activities.

The designer supervision expert is obliged to ensure accurate implementation during the construction of design solutions provided for by the approved project, make timely decisions on introducing justified changes to the approved design (design and estimate) documentation in the manner prescribed by law, in case of non-performance or improper performance by the contractor (general contractor) instructions to bring to the attention of the customer about this, as well as inform the relevant unit of the state architectural and construction control and supervision.

Upon completion of the construction project, the person exercising design supervision issues a conclusion to the customer (developer) on the conformity of the work performed to the project.