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12.04.2019 KGNT has successfully completed the development of Detailed Project for Modernization of Compressor Equipment of the ECU HPP at the Atyrau Refinery for Atyrau Refinery LLP.

03.04.2019 ENGINEERING COMPANY KAZGIPRONEFTETRANS LLP is proud to announce the achievement of a significant milestone in the field of occupational safety: for today KGNT employees have worked 7 million man-hours (9 years) with no lost of time due to accidents and occupational injuries. This significant event has been achieved due to the integrated activities in the field of occupational health and safety, the highest discipline of staff; providing sufficient protective equipment and systems; the creation of normative comfortable working conditions at every workplace; the strict compliance with all requirements of occupational health and safety; keeping workplaces, household premises, adjacent areas in the perfect order.

KGNT funds a range of measures to prevent occupational diseases, accidents at work, reduce the risk of deviations in health of employees through the health insurance for each employee.

In connection with this outstanding achievement, the management of KGNT thanks all employees for their contribution to the key success and mugs with symbols on a theme of occupational safety were handed as a souvenir to all employees.

28.03.2019 From March 11 to March 15, 2019, the annual 38th international conference CERAWeek 2019, organized by the IHS Markit, was held in Houston, Texas, USA. On behalf of our company, Alexandra  Bekisheva, Chief Executive Officer, and Bekzat Usserbayev, Managing Director for Project Management and Construction, took part in the conference.

IHS Markit's CERAWeek is the first annual international meeting of energy industry leaders, experts, government officials and politicians, technological, financial and industrial community leaders, and energy technology innovators, which gathers more than 4,000 delegates representing about 900 organizations from 75 countries of the world.

Speakers at CERAWeek IHS Markit 2019, Hilton Americas included energy leaders, experts, government officials and politicians, as well as leaders from the automotive, environmental, technology, financial and industrial sectors.

The CERAWeek 2019 Theme: “A New World of Rivalry: Changing the Energy Future” is dedicated to understanding the world that is being rebuilt in a new era of rivalry between nations, fuel, markets, technology and ideas,”said Daniel Yergin, IHS Markit and CERAWeek Conference Chairman. This topic is  aimed at assessing trends in the development of energy markets, the impact of government policy, the environment, technology, geopolitics and the global economy.

In 2019, it is 38 years since the event was held by the business information provider - IHS Markit. The conference is among the top five largest meetings of corporate leaders in the world. For the oil and gas sector of our republic, one of the events of the conference was the participation of K.A. Bozumbayev, Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the speaker, as well as domestic representatives of large energy companies.

20.03.2019 On the eve of the celebration of Nauryz Meiramy, Alexandra Bekisheva, Chief executive Officer, ENGINEERING COMPANY "KAZGIPRONEFTETRANS" LLP, congratulated colleagues on a bright holiday and noted that Nauryz is the beginning of a new year, a time of renewal and revival of nature:

Dear colleagues, friends! Please accept my warmest congratulations on the spring holiday Nauryz! Nauryz is the flowering of nature, the time of the vernal equinox. May every day of spring awakening, every ray of sunshine bring happiness and well-being to your home! I thank each of you for your tireless and fruitful work and wish you success in implementing your plans! Наурыз мерекесі құтты болсын!

In honor of the spring holiday - Nauryz Meiramy, the administration of KGNT organized a photo zone in the color of a Kazakh yurt in the lobby of the office with a presentation of national costumes of the peoples of the world and festive leather for all employees of the company, as well as the celebration of Nauryz Meramy held in other locations of KGNT -  Atyrau, Busan (South Korea) and others.

01.03.2019 The company every month to dedicate attention to one of the elements of our HSE Program Safety 360 °.

MARCH is announced to be month of “Safe Driving”.


  • Never use mobile and other distraction devices while driving.
  • Always follow Road safety rules.
  • Check the company's vehicles before the trip.
  • Always wear seat belts while driving.
  • Take breaks while driving if you feel tired and feeling sick.
  • Drive vehicles according to the road and weather conditions.
  • Allow only qualified drivers to drive a company vehicle, which has passed a medical examination.

26.02.2019 On February 26, 2019, the 29th meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Association "KAZENERGY" was held in Astana (hereinafter - the NTS). The agenda of the meeting was devoted to "Technology of well completion for multi-stage intensification in oil and gas wells."

A representative of KGNT, Managing Director for Innovations, G.A. Tarassov, took part in the meeting.

Representatives of Nazarbayev University, Weatherford LLC, Petro GM LLC, Gryphon Oilfield Technologies Ltd together with KAZBURINVEST LLP, NII TDB KMG LLP with Temir Energy Central Asia LLP, ADL Completions LLC and Interra Energy presented the projects to the NTS participants.

The presentation of each speaker was accompanied by active discussions and questions. The meeting participants made their suggestions and comments on the submitted projects of the companies.

14.02.2019 KGNT on time fulfilled all the obligations under the contract for the provision of services under the Detailed Design Project “Nitrogen Generation Plants and Nitrogen Distribution Collector of Bitumen Plant Objects” for the general contractor of Caspiymunaygaz NIPI JSC on the request of JV CASPI BITUM.

06.02.2019 KGNT successfully completed the Detailed Design Project on “Installation of the SM 5000 compressor with the cooling unit HZK-170 VKU CHP” for Atyrau Oil Refinery LLP.

04.02.2019 The KGNT every month to dedicate special attention to one of the elements of our HSE Program Safety 360 °.

FEBRUARY is announced to be month of "Competence".


  • Develop plans for instruction, training, and advanced professional training.
  • Instruct employees, visitors, contractors, students and trainees.
  • Conduct training, advanced professional training.
  • Assign mentors to prospective short service employees.
  • Only instructed and trained personnel should be permitted to work at hazardous industrial facilities.

17.01.2019 Promoting a healthy lifestyle and raising a negative attitude towards bad habits among KGNT employees is one of the company's priorities. In this regard, on January 16, 2019, a friendly volleyball match took place between the teams of KGNT and KING.
The event was held with the purpose of organizing the leisure of volleyball lovers, strengthening friendly ties within teams and between companies in general. It was a great opportunity to meet with your partners and colleagues in a friendly informal atmosphere.
At the moment, negotiations have begun with teams from other companies in order to conduct joint training and the organization of friendly matches and competitions

The advantages of volleyball for enterprises:

  • Volleyball is a team game. It rallies the team, strengthens the team spirit without additional efforts from the management.
  • Thanks to the wellness effect on the players, their productivity during work will increase.
  • Another obvious advantage is the development of leadership qualities in employees, their interaction with each other as individuals.

03.01.2019 The company every month to dedicate special attention to one of the elements of our HSE Program Safety 360 °.

JANUARY is announce to be month of “Safety in design”.


  • Take into account the requirements of the legislation and the Customer to ensure safety in designed objects, buildings and structures.
  • Identify hazards affecting human life and activities and the environment at the construction site.
  • Perform design steps to prevent emergencies.
  • Perform design steps to eliminate or reduce the risk of injury.

28.12.2018 KGNT pays great attention to the training and development of personnel in accordance with the features of activities in international and Kazakhstan projects. To this end, leading experts of KGNT have been trained for several months on the three-dimensional modeling software SmartPlant P&ID, Smart3D, SmartPlant Foundation and Intergraph CAESAR II, under the guidance of certified trainers from Intergraph Company.

The employees explored an innovative product that radically changes the way of engineering and modelling, allowing increasing productivity and shortening design schedules. They also studied complex integrated software for stress analysis in pipeline systems of any complexity.

At the end of the training course, KGNT employees were awarded certificates.