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17.11.2018 An annual medical examination was organized and conducted for our Company’s employees in KGNT Head Office from 12.11.2018 to 16.11.2018 according to Order No.128 dated 24 February 2015 by Acting Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the approval of the Regulations on compulsory medical examinations” .
The medical examination was organized by HSE Department together with Insurance Company INTERTEACH on the basis of Interteach Medical Assistance LLP medical centers. 

07.11.2018 Caring for the employees’ health is one of EC KGNT LLP high-priority tasks. The Company supports and encourages its employees in their aspiration for leading a healthy lifestyle. Following this priority the Company has made it possible for its employees to visit Football and Volleyball training sessions. The advantages of playing football and volleyball are:

  • enhanced stamina;
  • improved blood circulation and hence strengthened cardiovascular system;
  • developed respiratory system;
  • strengthened locomotor apparatus and improved joint mobility;
  • developed reaction, motion coordination, agility and flexibility, which allows avoiding off-the-job injuries, for examples, while walking on ice-covered ground;
  • trained eye muscles meaning well-preserved eye-sight for a long time.

01.11.2018 One of the" EC "KGNT" LLP’s priorities is health care for its employees. Company is glad to inform, that every month we are going to dedicate special attention to one of the elements of our HSE Program Safety 360 °. NOVEMBER is month of “Facility and site safety”. Principles:

  • Keep workplaces clean and tidy;
  • Keep the fire safety system in working condition;
  • Follow security and access control rules;
  • Mark areas with signal marking where necessary;
  • Place safety signs at the facility;
  • Determine the requirements for wearing PPE at the facility;
  • Approve evacuation and emergency response plans.

If any ideas for improvement or violation observation, employees fill in “Non-compliance identification card” and/or inform HSE Department.

30.10.2018 The occupational health and safety is one of the main components of EC KGNT LLP HSE Policy. Starting today EC KGNT LLP launches the campaign "No smoking". All employees who do not smoke and quit smoking were awarded Headphones from the Company!

The harm of smoking to the human body lies in its ability to stimulate the development of severe systemic diseases. Many of them are fatal. About 5 million people die of tobacco every year in the world. Approximately 90% of lung cancer deaths are caused by tobacco use. It is proved that the life of a person with nicotine addiction is 9 years shorter than that of his non-smoking peer.

29.10.2018 On October 29, 2018 the Coordinating Council for the Development of Human Capital of KAZENERGY Association (hereinafter referred to as the Coordinating Council) held a meeting in Almaty with the participation of the Deputy Chairman of the KAZENERGY Association Council U.S. Karabalin and under the chairmanship of the Vice President for Human Resources Management of KazMunayGas NC JSC S.S. Abdenov. Representative of KGNT, I.Ya. Shparvasser, Acting Chief HR Officer, took part in the meeting. Along with the members of the Coordinating Council, the meeting was attended by representatives of the oil and gas industry trade unions as invited persons. At the meeting, the members and participants of the Coordinating Council were presented with the results of the Association’s work in the development of human capital:

  • on improvement of labor legislation and other legal and regulatory documents in the sphere of regulation of social and labor relations, including the preparation for development of a new Sectoral Agreement for 2020-2022 in 2019;
  • on the progress of the Working Group on development of an Action Plan for creating safe working conditions and reducing occupational injury rate in the oil and gas, oil refining and petrochemical industries;
  • on the activities of the Association as a working body and administrator for scholarship and grant training programs (including, at the expense of the FPSA and PSA).

Following the discussion, the members of the Coordinating Council made recommendations to continue participation in the Sectoral Commission on Social Partnership and Regulation of Social and Labor Relations under the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the Expert Group on Law Enforcement Practice under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan A workshop “Coaching as the key to leadership development” was held for the members and participants of the Coordinating Council meeting, organized by Shell.

22.09.2018 September 22, 2018 in honor of the professional holiday of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Oil and Gas Worker’s Day", KGNT employees who made a significant contribution to the development of design documents for a number of objects of state and industry significance were awarded:

"Мунай-газ саласының еңбек сіңірген қызметкері " ("Honored Worker of the Oil and Gas Industry") was presented by KGNT management on behalf of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Overseas Production Vice-President, T.D. Mandariya;

The most distinguished specialists of the KGNT from the KAZENERGY Association were also awarded: Svetlana Kozhukhar (medal), Pavel Selin (diploma), Bekzat Usserbayev (recognition letter), Baurzhan Kenzheakhmetov (recognition letter), Marat Turabekov (recognition letter);

Honorary letter of KGNT for conscientious work, a great personal contribution to the development of the company's production activities, 22 employees were awarded by KGNT;

Certificates and prizes for maintaining a sporting lifestyle and for maintaining the team spirit were awarded to 18 employees.

22.09.2018 September 22, 2018 KGNT Teambuilding took place in honor of professional holidays - "Builder's Day" and "Oil and Gas Worker's Day", as well as in connection with the presentation of the new Safety Program - Safety 360 °.

This grandiose event helped to strengthen the corporate spirit, team building and learning effective interaction within the team. More than 230 employees of KGNT from Almaty, Atyrau, Aksay, Tengiz took an active part in team building. It is planned to hold similar events in other locations.

22.09.2018 KGNT places emphasis on safety issues. The contest for the best name of Corporate Safety Program among employees was announced in July for the purpose of structuring and highlighting the most important areas for the Company. Within two weeks, the Company received more than 300 options from employees of all locations: graphic images, slogans in poetical form, options in three languages were provided. Special thanks for the creative approach and serious attitude to the contest. The Commission selected the most interesting 14 options  that were put to an online voting. Safety 360º from Yernar Aisagaliuly from Western region was recognized as the Best motto with 33% of votes.
Safety 360º Program consists of 8 elements, which claims special attention in KGNT:

  • Facility and Site safety
  • Risk Management
  • Safety in Design
  • Competence
  • Safe Driving
  • QMS Improvement
  • Environmental Management
  • Resources Management

Official start and awarding of participants was held during team building event, which took place on September 22, 2018 at 8 Lakes Park-Resort.

10.09.2018 In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Permits and Notifications", KGNT has obtained a state construction license of the third (III) category for construction and installation works from the Municipal Public Institution - Directorate of State Architectural and Construction Control of Almaty.

09.09.2018 FGP-2018 Games were held on September 9, 2018, in which KGNT, KPJV, and KING teams took an active part. This event was organized and conducted by KPJV with the purpose of promoting active lifestyles, developing interest in physical culture and sports among employees of KPJV and its Partners. Four sports: football, volleyball, table tennis and chess. In total, 8 teams took part in the football tournament. KING 1 and KGNT played in the most persistent struggle for the 1st place. KING 1 won in a difficult match. 3 teams participated in the tournament on volleyball. Unfortunately, in difficult duels between the teams, our volleyball team failed to make it to the semifinals. 16 players participated in the tournament on table tennis with four players from KGNT. As a result of the game, the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd places were taken by the participants from KGNT - Marat Turabekov, Edil Amanov and Yevgeniy Uvarov. 8 players participated in the chess tournament with two players from KGNT. At the end of the game, Bekzat Usserbayev took the honorable fourth place. KGNT Management and personnel congratulate all the winners and participants of the tournament with the award.

03.09.2018 Representatives of KGNT took part in the anniversary celebrations dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery, in which one of the important events was the “Oil Refining Industry in Kazakhstan. Results of Modernization” conference. It should be noted that KGNT has made a significant contribution to the modernization of the POCR and is proud that in the success of the POCR there is also a share of KGNT in the form of numerous projects that have made it possible to improve the existing complex by reconstructing existing technological facilities, integrating new ones into the technological scheme of the plant, existing facilities of the plant.

17.08.2018 KGNT has traditionnaly became a partner of British international company GBC Ltd in organizing and conducting the 5th International Conference «DOWNSTREAM CASPIAN AND CENTRAL ASIA». The Conference will be conducted on 4-5 of December 2018 in Almaty city, RIXOS hotel. For the last 5 years the Conference has became the largest regional platform and the most significant event in the oil and gas sphere of Caspian region and Central Asian. Each year, the event traditionally brings together representatives of the largest oil and gas companies, oil refineries and petrochemical plants in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as foreign partners representing world engineering and technology companies.

11.07.2018 On July 10, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council under the chairmanship of Uzakbai KARABALIN, deputy chairman of the KAZENERGY Association, was held. Participants of the meeting were representatives of KGNT - General Director A.M. Bekisheva and G.A. Managing Director for Innovation Tarassov, representatives of  Plasma Research and Technology Center JSC , ATEC ASIA LLP, Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, VMP Research and Production Complex, EBSCO and members of the Association. When opening the meeting, Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council U.Karabalin handed out letters of appreciation on the occasion of the 25th anniversary meeting of the STC to Council Members. Among the awardees, Baltabek Kuandykov - President of the NGO "Society of Petroleum Geologists of Kazakhstan", Zhaksybek Kulekeyev - Advisor to the Director General of KazMunaiGas Scientific and Research Institute of Production and Drilling Technology LLP, Raushan Sarmurzina - Deputy Advisor to the Chairman of KAZENERGY Association, Gennadiy Tarassov - Managing Director for Innovations,  Engineering Company Kazgiproneftetrans LLP, Lyailya Kusherova - Senior Advisor to the Director on Production of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, Anatoly Leontyev - Shell Governmental Relations Advisor and Wei Yuxiang – General Director of CNPC Kazakhstan BV.

11.06.2018 Every year the number of certified professionals in KGNT grows and the success of any project execution depends largely on the professionalism and competence of the specialists who implement it. To be a professional in Project Management you need to have some professional knowledge, skills, competencies and practical work experience. The company pays great attention to training and development of personnel in accordance with the specifics of activities in international and Kazakhstan projects. To this end, another group of KGNT employees held a training on "Project Management in accordance with IPMA requirements" in the Kazakhstan Project Management Association and successfully passed the exams. Upon completion of the training, KGNT employees received certificates.

23.04.2018 Last Sunday, almost 15 thousand people from 38 countries in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia went to the start of the Almaty marathon. Mass race "Courage to be the first" has already become a tradition and is held in Kazakhstan for the seventh year in a row. The Almaty Marathon was included in the list of the five largest charity marathons in the world. Collected from the initial contributions of participants, the organizers annually send funds to orphanages and specialized medical institutions for the construction of sports grounds and purchase of necessary equipment.
The employees of KGNT became traditional participants of this marathon and for the 4th consecutive year they participate in the competition - Ekiden (marathon relay race) at a distance of 42 km 195 m. 94 teams participated in the race, including the KGNT team. As a result of the race, the KGNT team in 2017 ranked 17th out of 78 participating teams, and this year the Company managed to improve its time and rise to the 11th place in the overall standings. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the employees of KGNT took part in individual races for a distance of 10 km, 21 km and the distance "Scandinavian walking".

20.03.2018 2018 On the eve of the spring holiday, the renewal and celebration of Spring - Nauryz Meiramy, KGNT management organized a photozone in the hall of the office as the Kazakh yurt with a presentation of national costumes of the peoples of the world and a dinner for all employees of the company with traditional national treats. Nauryz is a holiday of spring, renewal of nature, the beginning of a new year, a new life. On this day, the heavenly bodies: the constellations and stars after a year's cycle come to the points of their original stay and begin a new path - a circle. Nauryz is not only a state holiday of Kazakhstan, celebrated for three days, but also recognized by the UN as an international holiday. This holiday is celebrated in all countries of Central Asia, as well as in Georgia, India, Iran, China, Turkey and many other countries around the world.

15.03.2018 At the invitation from a Polish company EDS Gazpetro Poland Sp. z o.o., one of the European leaders in engineering industries, procurement and delivery of compression units based on gas reciprocating compressors, KGNT delegation visited engineering Office of EDS Gazpetro Poland Sp. z o.o in Elblag, as well as production facilities of ready to use modules "UNION" in Gdansk. During the official visit, the KGNT delegation have acquainted with the design process, compressors selection of world manufacturers, assembly, production capabilities of the plant. As a result of the visit, a program of cooperation was planned, based on combination of many years of engineering experience and high quality of work, which is known to be a reliable basis for collaborative work of companies.

19.02.2018 According to the Order No.734 of the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 26, 2015, Approval of the Rules and Permits for the Certification of Engineering and Technical Personnel involved in the Design and Construction Process, the next group of KGNT’s specialists successfully passed certification at the Certification Center of KAZGOR Design Academy. Certification was carried out in an automated way using the collections of test questions, the certified staff showed an excellent knowledge of the rules and regulations.

05.02.2018 On February 2, under the chairmanship of Uzakbai KARABALIN, Deputy Chairman of the KAZENERGY Association, a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council on “The Road Map of Scientific and Technological Development of the Oil and Gas Production Sector in Kazakhstan. Implementation and New Approaches” was held, in which the NTS members from KGNT and KING took part.
     The agenda of the meeting included topical issues in the implementation of the roadmap for scientific and technological development of the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan, a systematic approach to solving common technological problems of the industry, updating problem issues and developing system solutions for the oil and gas sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as a report on the work carried out within the framework of the National Scientific Council.
As it is known, the Head of State, at the 26th plenary meeting of the Council of Foreign Investors (May 22, 2013), invited large companies and organizations of the oil and gas sector to take part in working out the priority directions set in the Roadmap for Scientific and Technological Development of the Oil and Gas Production Sector of Kazakhstan, initiated by Shell (hereinafter referred to as the Roadmap).
Shell’s representative, Anatoly LEONTIEV, in his speech focused on the initial tasks of the program - introduction of the practice of joint technological development of the industry, which ideally should become an integral part of the activities of companies. In addition, it was noted the use of the Norwegian experience of innovative development of the industry, built on the oil and gas technical program (OG21), developed by the Government in cooperation with oil and gas companies.
     Following the meeting, it was decided to approve the project implementation decision and work with oil and gas companies and stakeholders on issues of financing, technical resources, interaction with foreign resources and international databases.

29.01.2018 On January 26, the 22nd meeting of the Council of the KAZENERGY Association took place in the building of the Kazakh-British Technical University, in which the KGNT management participated.
Opening the meeting, the Chairman of the Association Timur Kulibayev noted the effective work of KAZENERGY, which can serve as an example for other industry associations. The last year, held under the auspices of the International Specialized Exhibition Expo-2017, was not an exception. KAZENERGY actively participated in the formation of the Expo business program and conducted major international events: the Ministerial Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, the 8th International Forum on energy for sustainable development, as well as the 11th Forum of KAZENERGY received the highest rating from international community.
     In general, the CEO of Asset Magauov informed about the activities of the Association and noted that KAZENERGY worked on the 9 key areas last year: taxation and tariffs, subsoil use, turnover of petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas, electric power, environmental protection, development of local content, technical regulation, development of human resources, international activity and analytics, for each of which certain positive results were achieved.

05.01.2018 KGNT successfully delivered design supervision services for Sulphur Recovery Unit (A710), Amine Regeneration Unit (C850), Sour Water Stripper Units (C500, C600), Sulphur Granulation Unit (C840) Construction under Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery Upgrading Project for Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP».

04.12.2017 The branch of Astana EXPO-2017Construction Directorate acknowledged and thanked KGNT for the joint work on the construction of the International Specialized Exhibition Astana EXPO-2017. The branch of Astana EXPO-2017Construction Directorate noted that during the period of work on technical control of the process of construction of EXPO-2017 facilities from July 2014 to May 2017 by contractors, KGNT specialists showed themselves to be reliable and responsible workers, demonstrating high professionalism and competence. The Client expressed its gratitude to KGNT for the clear arrangement of work, competent selection of the specialists of the 1 level of responsibility for technical supervision of construction and individual approach to the project requirements.