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        "ENGINEERING COMPANY "KAZGIPRONEFTETRANS" ("KGNT") LLP is one of the leading engineering companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan which provides a full range of services on industrial and civil designing, project management and engineering.

The company was established in 1974 for designing facilities of oil products supply system. For 40 years, having expanded the scope of activities, KGNT has designed and provided commissioning of more than 1000 facilities.

        Today KGNT offers designing services in the field of industrial and civil construction:

  • Investigations and front-end engineering, collection of input data;
  • Comprehensive engineering surveys;
  • Development of Feasibility Studies (FS);

        Development (of design and estimate and detail documentation), and also adaptation of the international projects to the existing regulatory framework of RK;

  • Development of oil and gas fields,
  • main oil and gas pipelines,
  • oil and gas processing and petrochemical industries.
  • Systems and facilities for the transportation, storage and distribution of oil, gas and their products;
  • Offshore and railroad terminals for oil and oil refinery products;
  • facilities of civil construction,
  • Project Management Services;
  • Author and technical supervision;
  • Development of governmental and industry-specific regulatory documentation.

        The following services are offered under special orders:

  • Consulting
  • Management of EPC projects (Engineering - Procurement - Construction);
  • Project Cost Management


  • Planning of procurement and material resources requirements
  • Procurement management
  • Pre-qualification of suppliers
  • Supplies and suppliers database management
  • Cost control
  • Contracts administration
  • Management and coordination of spare parts
  • Management of supplier documentation and information


  • Soil reclamation and land planning projects;
  • Adaptation of international, national standards for the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Development of "as-built documentation" at construction;
  • Experts' examination of design (design and estimate) documentation in architecture, urban planning and construction fields, to be executed by entities involved in works and services not related to the exclusive competence of the State Project Examination Commission;

        Today KGNT team today is an organic fusion of experienced and young designers and is more than 500 people. Modern highly equipped project offices of KGNT are located in the cities - Almaty (head office), Astana, Atyrau, London, Farnborough (the UK).

        KGNT takes part in the megaprojects of Kazakhstan:

  • Atyrau Refinery Reconstruction;
  • Pavlodar Refinery Upgrading;
  • Shymkent Refinery modernization and reconstruction;
  • International specialized exhibition Astana EXPO-2017 ;
  • Kashagan field development;
  • Tengiz Future Growth Project.

18.05.2016 As per the Order by the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 23, 2015 No.709 On Approval Of Rules and Permissive Requirements On Accreditation Of Entities Providing Engineering Services on Technical Supervision And Expertise Of Reliability And Stability Of Buildings and Structures At Technically

12.05.2016 On commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Ukraine’s Chernobyl Union NGO awarded Vyacheslav Li, the Head of KGNT, with “For Heroism and Valor. 1986” anniversary medal for his personal contribution into cleaning up the Chernobyl disaster.

11.05.2016 On the eve of the 71st anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, KGNT representatives recognized veterans of the Great Patriotic War living in Almaly District with gifts, “Front-line parcel”, including the wartime token commodities, foods and gift cards.

03.05.2016 Expecting celebration of the Unity Day in Kazakhstan representing remarkable traditions of our multiethnic nation, peace and amity, KGNT Management and the Young Specialists Council held festive events – outdoor games (gorodki, checks, jumping rope, arm wrestling, darts, chuko bones) as well competition for the best national outfit and the best national desert.

26.04.2016 On invitation of Tensar International Limited and AsiaGeoCentre LLP closely cooperating with KGNT on Wind Power Station (WPS) Construction Project in Astana and promoting new technologies applying synthetic geogrids on construction market in Kazakhstan, KGNT representatives visited Tensar International plant in Blackburn (Lancashire, England) and construction site for approach roads and WPS platforms in Western Scotland.

KGNT is one of the leading companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, providing all designing and engineering services throughout the entire life cycle of onshore and offshore oil and gas projects.

Project management is a process organization system for the interaction of all project parties, which is used by EC KGNT when initiating, planning, managing (executing and controlling) and closing projects. This management includes methods and references to design documents, templates and diagrams.

Main oil, gas and product pipelines. Development of oil and gas fields Systems and facilities for the transportation, storage and distribution of oil, gas and their products.